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Alumni Talk: Harvard Researcher to Startup Business Person

Sixth Series Webinar of Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR was held on Saturday, 10 April 2021. The event with the theme “Strengthening Research and Community Service in Support of the Achievement of the SDGs” presented five speakers online. </</span>
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Kampo As a Traditional Japanese Medicine

On 17 March 2021, Guest Lecture on Phytopharmacy entitled  Introduction and History of Japanese Traditional Medicine Development was held and attended by 110 students from various universities in Indonesia and abroad through 

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Inauguration of New Professor from Faculty of Pharmacy

Today, 8 April 2021, a lecturer from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga was inaugurated as a Professor in a ceremony held in the Garuda Mukti Hall, UNAIR Rectorate Building.

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The Importance of Activity, Pharmacokinetic Property and Toxicity of Prospective Medicinal Compound Prediction

Suko Hardjono, together with Tri Widiandani, Bambang Tri Purwanto and Anindi Lupita Nasyanka in the context of developing new anticancer drugs have predicted activities N-benzoil- N'- (4-fluoro) phenyltiourea and its four derivative
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Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR Visits School of Pharmacy Management & Science University (MSU), Malaysia

The Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Airlangga has implemented academic partnership to Malaysia in May 2017 as part of MoA activities that has been in place since 2013.

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Faculty of Pharmacy hosts two students from India

They are happy to participate in the program and are very impressed by the hospitality of Indonesians, especially at the Faculty of Pharmacy Uniersitas Airlangga.

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Herbal Sanitizer, an Innovation to prevent Bacteria in Toilet

The research idea was for proposal submission of creativity program of entrepreneurship student (PKM-K) entitled “HEZER (Herbal Sanitizer): The Perfect Solution to Reduces Disease Transmission through Public Toilet”.

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