Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR Educates the Youth and Residents in Kenjeran District

On the occasion of the 63th Dies Natalis (founding day) of Universitas Airlangga, as well as the 54 thanniversary of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty performed a community service activity on Saturday, 11 November 2017. This time, the Community Service activity brought the theme “The role of pharmacists in Maintaining Drug Safety and Traditional Drugs in the Community”in Kenjeran District Jl. Kedung Cowek no. 350 Surabaya. This activity was organized by faculty members of the FFUA, with the participation of undergraduate and graduate students.

The event was moderated by Dra. Esti Hendradi, M.Si., PhD., Apt. Opening speeches were given by Mr. Sukanan (District Secretary) and Mrs. Dewi Melani Hariyadi, S.Si., M.Phil., Ph.D., Apt. (Vice-Dean III). There was also an awarding of souvenir to the District Officials.

Under the theme “The Role of Pharmacists in Ensuring the Drug Safety and Traditional Drugs in the Community", two topics were presented: (1) The Role of Pharmacists in Ensuring the Safety of Traditional Drugs for Hyperuricemia”and (2) The Role of Pharmacists in Ensuring the Safety of Drugs and the Dangers of Narcotics was delivered by Mahardian R., S.Farm., MSc., PhD., Apt.

Sesi tanya jawabThe enthusiasm of Kenjeran residents in this event reflects that everyone deserves to gain knowledge, not just academics. The knowledge on pharmacists, drugs, traditional drugs for hyperuricemia, and the dangers of using narcotics were discussed so that the residents will be more knowledgeable and more aware against the risks that they will face. Currently, the use of drugs and traditional drugs is prone to misuse and abuse. This community service also serves as a part of  tridharma perguruan tinggi (education, research, and community service) and an effort to increase community services reputation.