Program Undergaduate

The Undergraduate Pharmacy program has been at the forefront of developing knowledge in the fields of pharmaceutical science and technology and clinical-community pharmacy. For over 60 years, this program has produced high-quality graduates who hold strategic positions throughout the country. Through international collaborations with pharmacy colleges across continents, students have achieved prestigious global recognition. Committed to delivering quality education, students have comprehensive access to facilities such as information technology, communication tools, classrooms, and fully equipped experimental instruments.

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


To become an innovative Undergraduate Pharmacy program in Indonesia, leading both nationally and internationally and pioneering the advancement of knowledge in the fields of pharmaceutical science and technology and clinical-community pharmacy. We aim to produce graduates with outstanding competence in pharmaceutical care, grounded in moral and religious values.



  1. Organize innovative and internationally accredited academic education in the fields of pharmaceutical science and technology and clinical-community pharmacy, grounded in moral and religious values.
  2. Develop pharmaceutical science-technology and clinical-community pharmacy through fundamental and applied research to enhance the value of Indonesia's natural resources.
  3. Implement community engagement programs in the field of pharmacy as a social responsibility, aiming for empowerment, improved health, and quality of life.
  4. Collaborate effectively, efficiently, and sustainably with various stakeholders in education, research, and community engagement at both national and international levels for the advancement and continuity of education.


  1. Produce graduates who are faithful and devoted to the One Almighty God, innovative, and adaptable to changes and developments, particularly in pharmaceutical issues encompassing service and industry fields. This ensures that graduates have the ability to compete at the national and regional levels, while also being capable of facing challenges and obstacles in global market competition.
  2. Produce graduates who are competitive at the national, regional, and global levels, equipped with the ability to integrate, apply, and develop pharmaceutical knowledge and skills to address national issues. They should be able to contribute significantly to government programs aimed at improving the health and resilience of the nation.
  3. Apply scientific knowledge and technology through research in pharmaceutical and health sciences that is relevant and focused on benefiting society, addressing national problems, and contributing to the welfare of the nation.
  4. Develop scientific knowledge and technology by conducting fundamental, innovative, and applied research to harness Indonesia's natural resources, thereby generating competitive advantages and greater benefits for enhancing the nation's quality of life.
  5. Provide services and engage in community service by utilizing all relevant resources and capabilities to fulfill various community needs and address national issues.
  6. Foster collaborations with educational, research, governmental, industrial, and other social and community institutions through concrete programs that effectively contribute to resolving national challenges.


Degree Name

S.Farm. (Bachelor of Pharmacy)


Course Intensity



Study Mode

On Campus


Intake Period



Length of Study

4 Years



Accredited Excellent (Nationally Accredited by IAAHEH)



Program Details