Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department

Drs. Marcellino Rudyanto, M.Si., Ph.D.

Dr. Juni Ekowati, M.Si., Apt.


Being a foremost Faculty that is able to create a conducive academic climate to implement an efficient teaching and learning process with a highly useful outcome that will generate graduates who are honest, faithful, and able to develop pharmaceutical science and technology who has a sharp and analytical mind in applying their knowledge to solve pharmaceutical problems, a good ability in research, open-mindedness, flexibility, innovativeness, and an ability to balance themselves in playing their roles as positive change actors..


  1. Providing students with the academic climate that enables them to develop skills and abilities, as well as to develop a lifelong learning attitude for the rest of their careers;
  2. Implementing effective interactions and partnerships with educational institutions, research centers, industries, hospitals and other health centers, government agencies, professional organizations, and other members of the public for the sake of human welfare;
  3. Achieving a high-quality standard in the teaching and learning process, research and community service in pharmaceutical science and technology, as well as pharmaceutical service.

Department Activities

  1. Producing Good, Hygienic, and Halal Food for Small Enterprises in Surabaya
  2. Training on Proper Usage of Food Additives for PKK Housewives RW-02 Kelurahan Prapen Kecamatan Tenggilis Mejoyo Surabaya
  3. Training on Proper Usage of Food Additives for PKK Housewives RW-02 Kecamatan Candi Sidoarjo

Teaching Staffs


  1. Dr. Amirudin Prawita, MS.,Apt
  2. Dr. Purwanto, Apt
  3. Dr. Siswandono, MS.,Apt
  4. Dr. Sugijanto, MS.,Apt
  5. Dr. H. Achmad Syahrani, MS., Apt
  6. Dr. Tutuk Budiati, MS.,Apt
  7. Dr. Noor Erma Nasution, MS.,Apt
  8. Suko Hardjono, MS.,Apt
  9. Dr. Sudjarwo, MS.,Apt
  10. Dr. H. Djoko Agus
  11. , M.Si.,Apt
  12. Dr. M. Yuwono, MS.,Apt
  13. Bambang Tri Purwanto, M.Si.,Apt
  14. Isnaeni, M.S., Apt
  15. Asri Darmawati, MS.,Apt
  16. Suzana, MS.,Apt
  17. Hadi Poerwono, M.Sc.,Ph.D
  18. Nuzul Wahyuning Diyah,
  19. Achmad Toto Poernomo, M.Si., Apt
  20. Riesta Primaharinastiti, S.Si., M.Si., Apt
  21. Tri Widiandani, S.Si.,Sp.FRS.,Apt
  22. Melanny Ika Sulistyowati, S.Farm.,M.Sc.,Apt
  23. Febri Annuryanti, S.Farm.,M.Sc.,Apt
  24. Kholis Amalia Nofianti, S.Farm. M.Sc., Apt.
  25. Muhammad Faris Adrianto, S.Farm.,M.Farm, Apt