Closed Well, FF UNAIR Won 1st Place in Most Informative Booth Category at AEE 2023

It doesn't feel like these 3 exciting days have passed. The grand event of Airlangga Education Expo (AEE) 2023 has entered its final day today (5/2/2023). Just like the previous day, on this last day visitors also kept coming to the booth of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga (FF UNAIR). It was recorded that thousands of people had visited the FF UNAIR booth for 3 days.

Not only that on FF UNAIR social media, several visitors also gave good testimonials on the service and information provided by the committee from FF UNAIR. Even at the FF UNAIR booth, lab coats were also provided which were usually worn by FF UNAIR academics for visitors to wear as photo props.

Visitors admitted that they were very enthusiastic about trying on the lab coat because it could be styled like FF UNAIR students and further motivated them to become part of FF UNAIR.

So it's not surprising that the FF UNAIR booth won 1st place in the Most Informative Booth Category. This announcement was made directly on the last day of AEE 2023. Prof. Dewi Melani Hariyadi as Deputy Dean III of FF UNAIR became the representative of FF UNAIR to receive the award.

The entire committee from FF UNAIR should be proud because their hard work during the preparation for the event was paid off with this award. This award was also inseparable from the role of the student committee, especially members of the Student Executive Board (BEM) and UNAIR FF Ambassadors. They are always eager and alert every day to serve visitors very well.

At the end of the AEE 2023 activities, visitors were also spoiled with a spectacular performance from the indie band "Soegi Bornean" which is currently on the rise.

Thanks to all parties who were very enthusiastic and gave their attention to FF UNAIR. See you at the AEE event next year!