DKI Iftikhar BEM FF Unair Holds a Ramadan Study to Improve the Quality of Fasting for FF Unair Residents

Throughout the month of Ramadan, the Islamic Spiritual Division or DKI Iftikhar BEM Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga (FF UNAIR) held a Ramadan Study activity. On Thursday (06/04/2023), the first Ramadan Study was carried out with the topic "Tips for Producing Ramadan with Quality Fasting" presented by Ustadz Ikroni Rizal Lc, MA. This study was carried out just before the breaking of the fast which was attended by Prof. apt. Junaidi Khotib, M.Kes, Ph.D as the Dean of FF Unair and the lecturers, Gerry Yahya as President of BEM FF Unair, representatives of BEM FF Unair, and students of the pharmacy faculty and other faculties. This study was held with the aim of increasing the faith of students and the academic community at Universitas Airlangga, especially members of the pharmacy faculty.

This Ramadan study focuses on the issue of serenity in worship, especially during fasting. Fasting requires us to be able to resist various worldly temptations. One of them which is the biggest temptation is verbal temptation or talk, for example backbiting or bad talk about other people. The bad context of the conversation can disturb the calm in fasting worship during Ramadan.

"Backbiting is true talk, it's just that backbiting makes people dislike it, we don't need to talk about people we don't like to talk about. We have to prevent ourselves from that," said Ustadz Ikroni Rizal.

Ustadz Ikroni Rizal said that the month of Ramadan can be interpreted as the month when the Al-Quran was revealed, namely on the night of Lailatul Qadar so that one's approach to Allah through reading the Al-Quran needs to be improved. “At a minimum, we have to read or see or hear the Koran only once a day, with the aim that hopefully we will not be far from and not separated from the Koran. So, so that our fasting is of high quality, please don't be far from the Al-Quran, especially in the month of Ramadan," he ordered.

Religion is not disturbing our lives, but very helpful. When a person has good knowledge and his life is supported by good religion, then that person will produce good works and will be remembered throughout his life. This is because there is a good correlation between heart and mind.

"Therefore, this study is an effort organized to strengthen our faith so that our hearts and minds are calm, as well as to remain positive in all things," said Ustadz Ikroni Rizal to all participants in the Ramadan Study.


Author : RP - Josephine
Editor : ED - Latifatul
Documentation : FT - Masayu