Student Executive Board of FF UNAIR Networks Scientific Work and PKM to Introduce Research Groups Through Science Week

On Tuesday (1/11/2022) the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Airlangga (BEM FF UNAIR) held the first day of Science Week activities.

This activity aims to train new FF UNAIR students in expressing ideas for making scientific papers and Student Creativity Programs (PKM). The new students looked enthusiastic and paid close attention to the entire series of activities that day.

The event began with a series of remarks by the Dean of FF UNAIR and the Head of BEM FF UNAIR. Then on that day's activity, there was also an introduction to the research group or research groups in FF UNAIR.

On that day 3 research groups were introduced, namely "Innovative Pharmacy Practice and Integrated Outcomes Research Group", "Natural Products Drug Discovery", and "Pharmaceutical Analysis Development".