Chrismawan Ardianto, S.Farm., M.Sc., Ph.D., Apt




Academic Backgroud


Bachelor degree in Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia


Apoteker / Professional degree, Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia


Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hoshi University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokyo, Japan


PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hoshi University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokyo, Japan


Pharmacotherapy, Pharmaceutical Services I (problem-based learning), Pharmacokinetics (lab work), Molecular Pharmacology (Grad. School), Bioethics & Clinical Study (Grad. School).




Research Interests

  • Molecular pharmacology in Diabetes & Obesity
  • Behavioral neuropharmacology (pain/neuropathy, appetitive behavior, cognitive & memory)
  • Bioequivalency study

Selected Publications

  1. Pharmaceutical Development of Intraperitoneal Arachis hypogaea as a Renal Protective Agent; Frontiers in Bioscience - Landmark; 2023

  2. Effect of L-Carnosine in Patients with Age-Related Diseases: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis; Frontiers in Bioscience - Landmark; 2023

  3. Natural sources, biological effects, and pharmacological properties of cynaroside; Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy; 2023

  4. The pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-I? alteration by deer (Rusa unicolor) antler extract on osteoarthritis rat model; Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal; 2023

  5. Multifaceted Pharmacological Potentials of Curcumin, Genistein, and Tanshinone IIA through Proteomic Approaches: An In-Depth Review; Cancers; 2023

  6. Bovine hydroxyapatite-based scaffold accelerated the inflammatory phase and bone growth in rats with bone defect; Journal of Applied Biomaterials and Functional Materials; 2023

  7. Computational approach in searching for dual action multitarget inhibitors for osteosarcoma; Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology and Research; 2023

  8. Effectiveness of Shrimp Allergenic Extract as an Immunotherapy Agent in Mice Model of Gastrointestinal Allergy; Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology; 2023

  9. Molecular Docking Studies for Protein-Targeted Drug Development in SARS-CoV-2; Letters in Drug Design and Discovery; 2022

  10. Fabrication and Characterization of Submicron-Scale Bovine Hydroxyapatite: A Top-Down Approach for a Natural Biomaterial; Materials; 2022

  11. Ikeda H, Ardianto C, Yonemochi N, et al. 2015, Inhibition of opioid systems in the hypothalamus as well as the mesolimbic area suppresses feeding behavior of mice. Neuroscience, 311, p9-21.

  12. Ardianto C, Yonemochi N, Yamamoto S., et al. 2016, Opioid System in the lateral hypotalamus regulate feeding behavior through orexin and GABA neurons. Neuroscience, 320, p183-193.
  13. Yonemochi N, Ardianto C, et al. 2018. Pregabalin increases food intake through dopaminergic systems in the hypothalamus. Brain Research, 1701, p219-226.
  14. Khotib J, Rahmadi M, Ardianto C, et al. 2019. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor fluvoxamine ameliorates stress- and NSAID-induced peptic ulcer possibly by involving Hsp70. J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacol, 30, p195-203.
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  19. Khotib J, Pratiwi AP, Ardianto C, et al. 2020. Attenuation of IL-1ß on the use of glucosamine as an adjuvant in meloxicam treatment in rat models with osteoarthritis. J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacol, 30, p20190332.
  20. Ardianto C, Wardani HA, Nurrahmi N, et al. 2020. Alpha-lipoic acid ameliorates sodium valproate-induced liver injury in mice. Vet World, 13, p963-966.
  21. Moshawih S, Lim AF, Ardianto C, Goh KW, Kifli N, Goh HP, Jarrar Q, Ming LC. Target-Based Small Molecule Drug Discovery for Colorectal Cancer: A Review of Molecular Pathways and In Silico Studies. Biomolecules. 2022 Jun 23;12(7):878. doi: 10.3390/biom12070878. PMID: 35883434; PMCID: PMC9312989.
  22. Budiatin, A. S., Gani, M. A., Samirah, Ardianto, C., Raharjanti, A. M., Septiani, I., Putri, N. P. K. P., & Khotib, J. (2021). Bovine Hydroxyapatite-Based Bone Scaffold with Gentamicin Accelerates Vascularization and Remodeling of Bone Defect. International Journal of Biomaterials, 2021, 5560891.
  23. Khotib, J., Gani, M. A., Budiatin, A. S., Lestari, M. L. A. D., Rahadiansyah, E., & Ardianto, C. (2021). Signaling pathway and transcriptional regulation in osteoblasts during bone healing: Direct involvement of hydroxyapatite as a biomaterial. Pharmaceuticals, 14(7).
  24. Ulya, T., Ardianto, C., Rahmadi, M., Shinta, D. W., & Khotib, J. (2021). The Effect of Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor Milnacipran on Anxiety-like Behaviors in Diabetic Mice. Jurnal Farmasi Dan Ilmu Kefarmasian Indonesia, 8(3), 200.
  25. Budiatin, A. S., Gani, M. A., Ardianto, C., Samirah, Pattah, S. Y. D., Mubarokah, F., & Khotib, J. (2021). The impact of glutaraldehyde on the characteristics of bovine hydroxyapatitegelatin based bone scaffold as gentamicin delivery system. Journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology, 32(4), 687–691.



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