Program Master of Clinical Pharmacy

The Clinical Pharmacy Master's Program is one of the study programs within the Faculty of Pharmacy. This program was established in 2010 based on Rector's Decree Number 615/H3/KR/2010. Learning and research conducted in the program also involve clinicians from RSUD Dr. Soetomo, Airlangga University Hospital, or other affiliated hospitals. In addition to theoretical learning, students are given the opportunity to engage in fieldwork practice to enhance their quality and capabilities. The study period lasts for 2 years, with a total credit load of 47 credits.

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


To become an innovative Master's Program in Clinical Pharmacy, recognized nationally and internationally, pioneering in the development and application of clinical pharmacy science, and producing graduates with outstanding competence in pharmaceutical care based on the moral values of religion



  1. Organizing an innovative, high-quality, and superior Master's Program in Clinical Pharmacy that firmly upholds professional ethics and moral values.
  2. Developing clinical research using biomedical-pharmaceutical and clinical pharmacy concepts to support clinical pharmacy practice.
  3. Implementing community service programs in the field of pharmacy as a social responsibility, aiming for empowerment, improved health, and quality of life for the community.
  4. Collaborating with various stakeholders in education, research, and community service at the national and international levels effectively, efficiently, and sustainably for the development and continuity of the Master's Program in Clinical Pharmacy


  1. Producing graduates who are innovative and adaptive to any changes and developments in clinical pharmacy practice, equipping them with competitive abilities in both national and international job markets, and enabling them to confront challenges and obstacles in the global competition arena.
  2. Generating graduates capable of implementing pharmaceutical care and advancing their knowledge through clinical research. This equips graduates with comprehensive understanding and critical thinking in the fields of Biomedical Science and Clinical Pharmacy.
  3. Cultivating graduates who uphold professional responsibility to society, ensuring that they can integrate theoretical mastery, research findings, and practical experience to apply the principles of quality drug usage in pharmaceutical care.
  4. Cultivating graduates who can implement relevant practical programs aligned with societal needs and effectively solve problems. These graduates are expected to collaborate within healthcare teams and other relevant institutions.


Degree Name

M.Farm.Klin (Magister of Clinical Pharmacy)


Course Intensity

Full Time


Study Mode

  • On Campus
  • Teaching Hospitals


Intake Period



Length of Study

 4 Semesters



Accredited A (Nationally Accredited by IAAHEH)


Program Details