Program Apothecary Education

Pharmacist Professional Education is a program undertaken after completing a pharmacy bachelor's degree program. This professional education primarily consists of practical professional experience conducted within pharmaceutical service facilities. The program spans one year with a course load of 37 credit units. The professional internship for pharmacists encompasses a total of 1200 hours. Learning is divided into 3 blocks, where courses are provided to equip students for carrying out the Professional Internship for Pharmacists. Thus, the content of the three blocks is integrated. Graduates of this program possess the abilities to be caregivers, decision-makers, communicators, leaders, managers, life-long learners, teachers, and researchers.

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


The vision of the Pharmacist Professional Education Program is to be an innovative and leading professional education program in Indonesia, both at the national and international levels. It strives to be a trailblazer in developing knowledge in the fields of pharmaceutical science and clinical-community pharmacy, while producing graduates with excellent competencies in pharmaceutical care, rooted in religious morals.

  1. To provide innovative and internationally accredited professional education in the fields of pharmaceutical science and clinical-community pharmacy, grounded in religious morals, at both the national and international levels.
  2. To advance pharmaceutical science and clinical-community pharmacy through fundamental and applied research, aiming to enhance the value of Indonesia's natural resources.
  3. To execute community engagement programs in the field of pharmaceuticals as a social responsibility, contributing to empowerment, improved health, and quality of life.
  4. To establish effective, efficient, and sustainable collaborations with various stakeholders in education, research, and community engagement at both national and international levels, for the continuous development and sustainability of education.
  1. To produce graduates who are devout and pious, innovative, and adaptable to every change and development, particularly in pharmaceutical matters encompassing both services and industry. Thus, graduates possess the capability to compete at the national and regional levels, as well as tackle challenges and obstacles in global market competition.
  2. To generate graduates who can compete at the national, regional, and global levels, equipped with the ability to integrate, apply, and develop pharmaceutical knowledge and skills to address national issues, contributing significantly to governmental programs aimed at enhancing the health and resilience of the nation.
  3. To apply science and technology through research in the field of pharmaceutical and health sciences, with a strong focus on benefiting society and addressing national problems.
  4. To develop science and technology by conducting fundamental, innovative, and applied research to harness Indonesia's natural resources, thereby providing competitive value and greater advantages for improving the nation's quality of life.
  5. To provide service and dedication to the community, utilizing all relevant resources and capacities to achieve various objectives aligned with societal needs and to address national issues.
  6. To foster collaborations with educational institutions, research bodies, government entities, industries, and other social organizations through tangible programs that contribute to solving national issues.

Degree Name

apt. (Professional for Pharmacists)

Course Intensity


Study Mode

On Campus/Off Campus

Intake Period

Twice a year

Length of Study

 1 Year


Accredited Excellent (Nationally Accredited by IAAHEH)

Program Details