Be Beautiful Without Acne

On Friday, 29 November 2019 from 4 in the afternoon to 7 in the evening at the Health Service Center of Campus B Universitas Airlangga, group C4 conducted an anti-acne-themed health promotion using booklet as the medium. The material presented consisted of definitions of acne, causes of acne, things to do and not to do, types of acne, anti-acne products, introducing PAO (Period Aftter Opening) and ED (Expired Date), content interaction, and tips on choosing skin care to prevent acne. The purpose of this health promotion is to increase public awareness and knowledge, especially teenagers or students, regarding to the importance of protecting the skin from acne and how to overcome it.

At the time of conducting health promotion, the number of patients visiting health care center was not too many and many were not willing to do health promotion material delivery. Due to the lack of PLK visitors, our group took the initiative to conduct health promotion by dividing our group into several smaller groups at PLK, Faculty of Pharmacy, and traveling around the B Airlangga University campus to conduct health promotion. The course of health promotion began with introducing ourselves and explaining the intent and purpose of health promotion. The presentation of health promotion material was carried out for approximately 10 minutes for each presentation of health promotion material. Furthermore, it was conducted with a question and answer session with the community.

The interesting thing when this health promotion was carried out was the enthusiasm of the community itself. One of which there was a mother who asked about acne medication "Related to the acne drug that comes from a doctor's recipe with unknown mixture ingredients, is it good or not?". The question was asked because we explained the health promotion material about ingredients contained in anti-acne products and interactions of medicinal ingredients. After holding this activity, public knowledge about acne can increase. With more information available, people can deal with acne faster, more precisely, and accurately, especially ensuring the safety, comfort and effectiveness of anti-acne products.