UNAIR Delegations Win on Pharmaday

Pharmaday is an event consists of seminar and pharmacy competition, in which the competition involves quiz and poster competition, that brings the theme "The Role of Health Workers in Responding to Vaccine Controversy in the Community". This event was run by Piogama Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM) and held in Faculty of Pharmacy UGM on 15-16 September 2018. Pharmaceutical Competition Quiz was followed by 27 team of Undergraduate Pharmacy Students from many universities in Indonesia. From Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Airlangga itself there are two teams as the delegation. The first team consists of Moh Andri S, Dwi Wulan Andarini, and Galuh Damar Buana. Then the second team has Malisda Irwantri Leonald, Ali Nur Ad Deen, and Andiena Elsafira as the members. All of them are from batch 2015.

This event is divided into three rounds, which are elimination, semifinal, and final. On the elimination round, they have to finish 200 multiple choice questions related to various materials about pharmacy. From this round, only 9 teams that will continue to the semifinal round. On the elimination round, 2 delegations from Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR are qualified to the semifinal round. The semifinal round consists of quiz competition, and those 9 chosen team will be divided into 3 rooms randomly, and then only one team with the highest score from each room will continue to the final round. The final round has two stages, which are counseling and quiz. Elimination, semifinal, and 1st stage of final (counseling) rounds are held on the first day while second stage of final round (quiz) along with the seminar are held on the second day. The champions from each competition are announced after the seminar. The first team is qualified to the semifinal round and the second team wins the 3rd place. It is hoped with this achievement, in the future the students of Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR are more motivated to accomplish a better achievement in national pharmacy competition.