Herbal Sanitizer, an Innovation to prevent Bacteria in Toilet

Produk Herbal Sanitizer (Hezer). (Foto: Istimewa)

UNAIR NEWS – The sanitation problem is the one of big problems in Indonesia. Based on World Economic Forum Data the quality of public toilet in Indonesia is in the 40 thposition from 140 countries. The global data explains that the standardized public toilet in Indonesia is only 50 percent.

The low quality of public toilet leads to numbers of bacteria that caused disease, the bacteria includes E. coli, S. aureus, and K. pneumon.

Besides, the workers and student who spend most their day outside are absolutely use public toilet.

By the phenomenon, five pharmacy students, Husniatul Fitriah (2014), Malisda Irwantri Leonald (2015), Hatif Indra Nur Septiyanti (2014), Muhammad Aviv Addin (2014), and Rendha Kusumaning Kristiwi (2014), have an idea about betel leaf spray innovation namely Hezer.

The research idea was for proposal submission of creativity program of entrepreneurship student (PKM-K) entitled “HEZER (Herbal Sanitizer): The Perfect Solution to Reduces Disease Transmission through Public Toilet”. The proposal succeed get research grant from Kemenristekdikti 2017.

“Herbal Sanitizer is the Toiletries Product with Betel Leaf extract which is potent in eradicating bacteria in practical way, this use is only spray to public toilet seat, wipe when is needed and the clean toilet is ready to use,” Husnia said.


Indra said, sanitary products have been used before. However, they combine betel leaf extract that is able to inhibit larger bacteria. Betel leaf contains phenol derivatives are kavikol and kavibetol which have antiseptic or disinfectant ability, antioxidant, and fungicide which is six times more effective than regular fluoride and phenol.

Another advantage, Hezer products that have a net 30 milliliters is graspable and portable. It also easy to use  “One bottle of Hezer can be used up to 30 times. Hezer is sprayed in five toilet seat spaces with at least 25 cm from the surface of the toilet seat. Wait for five seconds, and then the toilet seat will dry by itself and ready for use, “said Indra.

Currently, there were 152 Hezer Products have been sold throughout Java and Sumatera. With 16.000 rupiah each bottle, people can protect themselves from bacteria of public toilet.

“Hezer is easy to bring and practical in use. So, I no need to worry to use public toilet,” Defviana said, a consumer.

Another Hezer member, Rendha, said that for the next her and team will improve the product into wet tissues, so that it  more simple and efficient in using public toilet.

Editor: Defrina Sukma S

Taken from: http://news.unair.ac.id/en/2017/06/05/herbal-sanitizer-innovation-prevent-bacteria-toilet/