Seoul 21st International Conference on "Medical, Medicine And Health Sciences"

Seoul  21 stInternational Conference On "Medical, Medicine And Health Sciences"

Tazkia Fitriani, Raditea Farah Frehatsari, Sari Risanti, Sayyidati Ma’rufah

Seoul 21 stInternational Conference on Medical, Medicine, and Health Scientist is an international conference with a focus on health sciencies. This conference, held internationally by the Academic Fora, is not only attended by students, but also practitioners and experts. This year's conference was held on 3-4 March 2017 in South Korea in HI Seoul Youth Hostel, Yeongshinro 200, Yeoungdeungpo-Gu, 57 Yeongdeungpo-Dong. The conference started on 08.00 and was attended by delegations from Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. The delegates from Thailand and Taiwan presented two papers, while delegates from Indonesia and Bangladesh each presented one paper. Our paper was titled Introducing "Jamu" as The Prominent Alternative Medicine by Public Health Promotion to Reduce Cancer Prevalence in Indonesia'. One of the reasons we brought up ‘Jamu” is to introduce the traditional medicine to the international audience, which hopefully will bring benefits to ourselves and to Indonesia.

The conference was held for two days. The first day was for the main event, which consisted of registration, introduction of each delegate, opening, presentations which were divided into two sessions, and dinner. The second day was used for city tour. We toured the beautiful landscape of Korea, marvelling on its independence and orderliness. After this conference, we become motivated to develop our skills after this conference. We need opportunities like this to strengthen our soft skills, especially to become more intelligent and independent. One of the benefits of attending conferences is to help studens to develop their hard skills and soft skills. This is rare opportunity that does not come often. We hope there will be more students that are actively honing their skills, whether in the national or international level.


Participant data

Name of event 
Seoul 21 stInternational Conference On “Medical, Medicine And Health Sciences” (MMHS 2017 in Seoul)


3-4 Maret 2017

HI Seoul Youth Hostel, Yeongshinro 200, Yeoungdeungpo-Gu, 57 Yeongdeungpo-Dong, South Korea

Delegates            :          

Tazkia Fitriani / NIM. 051311133250

Raditea Farah Frehatsari / NIM. 051311133106

Sari Risanti / NIM. 051311133082

Sayyidati Ma’rufah/051311133098


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