The 102th Pharmacists Oath-Taking Ceremony

Bright faces of 214 pharmacists-to-be marked the oath-taking ceremony that was held this morning, 14 September 2016, in Airlangga Convention Center, C Campus of UNAIR, Mulyorejo. The occasion is made brighter by the presence of the students’ parents and guardian who were glad to see their children becoming pharmacists.

Some of these pharmacists-to-be looked happier. They graduated with a perfect GPA of 4.00. Those students are: Tirza Puji Syukur, S.Farm., Apt; Gemilang Hardyanputrinda, S.Farm., Apt.Aisyah Asmi, S.Farm., Apt.Debora Liudi Mulyo, S.Farm., Apt. Erlyn Kumala Dewi Dyah Novitasari, S.Farm., Apt.; and  Alfiyah Sefyaningtyas, S.Farm., Apt.

In addition, some of the graduates had obtained awards from several companies. These graduates are the recipient of Annisa Maulidia Rahayyu, S.Farm., Apt.; Kalbe Award  : Adin Wira Pramudita, S.Farm., Apt.; Novell AwardErlyn Kumala Dewi Dyah Novitasari, S.Farm., Apt.and  Ratna Nusandari, S.Farm., Apt.

This event was also attended by Junaidi Khotib, M.Kes., Ph.D., Apt. (Vice-Rector IV of UNAIR), Dr. Umi Athiyah, M.S., Apt. (Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy), Dr. Riesta Primaharinastiti, M.Si., Apt. (Head of the Apothecary Professional Programme UNAIR), Drs. Noeffendri Roestam, Apt. (Secretary-General of the Central Committee of Indonesian Pharmacist Association), and Dr. Faiq Bahfen, S.H. (member of the National Pharmacy Committee), who acted as the leader for the 102nd Ceremony of Oath-Taking of Pharmacists, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga.

Besides the mentioned honorable guests, the ceremony was also attended by several honorary guests including the Chief of the Regional Committee of Indonesian Pharmacists Association East Java Dr. Abdul Rahem, M.Kes., Apt.; Had of the Health Services Office East Java Province (represented by Drs. Muhammad Arif Zaidi, M.Kes., Apt.); The Central Drug and Food Control Agency in Surabaya; Representative of Association of Hospital Pharmacy Major; Representative of Association of Industrial Major; Representative of Community Pharmacy Major Association; and Representative of Distribution Pharmacy Concentration Association.