Faculty of Pharmacy Ready to Promote Indonesian Natural Resources

Dekan FF Dr. Umi Athiyah, Dra., MS., Apt. saat ditemui UNAIR News di ruang kerjanya (Foto: UNAIR NEWS)


UNAIR NEWS – Indonesia has an indisputable abundance of natural resources. Commodities from soil, agriculture, plants and animals and other resources could be the source of the country’s bargaining power on the world stage.

This condition is well-understood by the Faculty of Pharmacy. Therefore, the faculty located in Campus B commits to promote local values to contribute in the field of pharmacy at national or international level since traditional materials is not of lesser quality than materials from other countries.

“We intend to make our natural resources as our icon. We will always conduct explorations to discover Indonesian materials,” said the Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Dr. Umi Athiyah, Dra., MS., Apt. in her office.

She stated that teams from FF always contribute in drug studies of malaria, cancer, TBC, and other diseases and all of the drugs are made of Indonesian natural ingredients. In addition, studies on herbal drugs or supplements production are also conducted. Experts from FF, according to Umi, are also requested by the national government to contribute some ideas or thoughts on developing programs of the Food and Drugs Administration (BPOM).

In other news, FF is also ready to achieve UNAIR’s dream to be a World Class University. Transforming into one of the Top 500 Universities is not an easy task. However, it is not impossible.

To achieve the target, FF has prepared some strategies such as reinforcing the education, research, and community service culture. “Our principle is to focus on the process. If the process is good, the result must be satisfying,” said Umi.

She explained that FF has shaped the culture or spirit of excellent performance. All elements in faculty are in synergy. For example, on handling research projects, lecturers communicate actively to students to direct them in conducting studies that are useful for the public. Later on, the research can be further developed by the lecturer, or continued by the students themselves. From this process, there will be more scholars excellent in applied studies to meet global challenges.

The ability to research well will be achieved through excellent educational system. And with excellent research and accurate observation, effective community service can be performed.

“We always improve the process and develop the system well. If the process is already good, the quality of three aspects of  Tri Dharma (education, research, and community service) implemented will bring us into world class,” she said. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

Adapted from UNAIR NEWS with revisions.