Students' Achievements at Scientific Writing Competition

Two delegation teams from the Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Airlangga have passed a thorough selection and were declared finalists in the National Scientific Writing Competition held at Universitas Hasanuddin Makassar on 21-23 April 2015. The Pharmaceutical Science and Research Competition (Prescription) 2015 besides to enhance knowledge and insight of the students, developing creativity and innovation, raise interest in writing, and increase the students’ abilities to develop critical thinking towards economic and social issues that have happened, is currently occurring, and will probably strike in the future. Students as agents of change are always challenged to be critical in thought and action towards national problems.

The competition is to all students of pharmacy around Indonesia to examine ideas and thoughts regarding “The Optimization of Useful and Globally Competitive Research Results in the field of Pharmacy”. The scoring is performed by a board of jury on the knowledge and understanding of the theme, and the feasibility of implementation of the participants’ ideas. Bringing forth the theme of bioavailability, which is the percentage and the speed of active substances of a medicine product absorbed and circulated in the body, the student delegations from the Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Airlangga successfully obtained the first prize.

The delegation consists of two teams. The first team’s members are Sukma Adhi Permata– 051211131029,  Ahmad Zainul-  051211132009 and  Indah Pudji Oktavia– 051211133067 who obtained the trophy and certificate as the first winner with the title “Cocrystal of Antioxidant Compound Quercetin with Nicothynamid as the Effort to Increase Bioavailability”. On the otherhand, the delegation of team II whose members are Frida Putri Nur Islami-  051211131073,  Risa Umami Putri– 051211131075 dan  Uyun Inayah– 051211132016 obtained a certificate award as finalists with the title “The Utilization of essential oils of Sereh and Nilam Leaves in Patch Preparation by the Method of Microencapsulation.”

A student’s scientific writing product is one manifestation of concern of a young intellectual towards the future of their nation in the midst of the country where multidimensional problems are rampant. The result of the young generation’s ideas can be regarded as recommendations to build a better Indonesia, especially in the field of health. For that reason, this achievement needs to be appreciated and always be a motivation for further developmen. Hopefully, in the future, the students can keep on participating and obtaining achievements. Long live the students!