Dr. Tutiek Purwanti, MSi., ,Apt.




Bachelor of Science, Dra, Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia


Apothecary, Apt, Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia


Master of Sciences, MSi, Program Pasca Sarjana Universitas Airlangga, , Indonesia


Doctor, Dr., Program Doktor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia



  1. Pharmaceutical Liquid Dosage Forms
  2. Pharmaceutical Semisolid Dosage Forms
  3. Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Drug Delivery System
  4. Advanced Delivery System
  5. Targeted Delivery System.


Research Interests

  • Investigations of microspheres and nano-
    spheres using natural and synthetic
  • Drug, protein and nutraceutical delivery
    systems for oral, and topical applications

Selected Publications

  1. Sugiyartono*, Tutiek Purwanti, Isnaeni, Dhenok Reso FA , 2014. Influence of Emcompress Concentration on the Physical Properties of Tablet Containing Lactobacillus spp. And Guava Leaves Extract , Asian Journal Pharm Res 4 (4) : 189 – 194.

  2. Characterization of Dosage Form and Penetration Diclofenac Sodium With Microemulsion System in HPMC 4000 Gel Base. Proceeding The First International Conference on Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Surabaya, 14-15 November 2014. Hal 95-98 (Adeltrudis Adelsa Danimayostu, Esti Hendradi, Tutiek Purwanti)

  3. Dewi Melani Hariyadi*, Esti Hendradi, Tutiek Purwanti, Farah Diba Genie Permana Fadil, Chandra Nourmasari Ramadani, 2014. Effect of Crosslinking Agent and Polymer on The Characteristics of Ovalbumin-Loaded Alginate Microspheres, International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, ISSN 0975-1491, 6(4), 469-474.

  4. Tutiek Purwanti*, Dewi Melani H, 2015. Effect of Sodium Alginate Concentration on Characteristics, Viability and Antibacterial Activity of Probiotic-Alginate Microparticles, World Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences : 426 – 429.

  5. Dewi Melani Hariyadi*, Tutiek Purwanti, Idha Kusumawati, Rahma Nita Nirmala, Halib Masbubi Cipta Maindra, 2015. Physical Characterization and In Vivo Study of Ovalbumin Encapsulated in Alginate Microspheres, International Journal of Drug Delivery Technology, ISSN:0975-4415 ; 2015;5(2); 48-53.

  6. Effect of Combination Sodium Alginate - Gelatin 1% : 2% Content in Characteristics and Antimicrobial Activity of Probiotic Microspheres Lactobacillus acidophilus, Proceeding 1st International Conference on Medicine and Health Sciences (ICMHS), Jember – East Java, Aug 31st – Sept 1st , 2016. (Regia Nada Asshafa, Tutiek Purwanti, Dewi Melani Hariyadi).

  7. Dewi Melani Hariyadi*, Tutiek Purwanti, Destia Wardani, 2016. Stability of Freeze-Dried Ovalbumin-Alginate Microspheres with Different Lyoprotectants, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology, ISSN:0974-360X ; 2016; 9(1); 119-125.

  8. Rizky P, Tutiek Purwanti*, Djoko Agus P, 2018. The Effects of Sodium Alginate Concentration to Physical Characteristics Viability and Antioxidant Activity of the Probiotic-Tomato Pasta Microparticles, Research Journal Pharm. and Tech. 11(6) : 2454 – 2459.

  9. Dina, Tutiek Purwanti*, Djoko Agus P, 2018. Effect of Natrium Alginate Concentration on Physical Characteristics Viability and Anticancer Activity of Microparticles from a Combination of Probiotics and Tomato Pasta, Research Journal Pharm. and Tech. 11(6) : 24575 – 2580.

  10. Athijah U, Hendradi E, Rosita N, Erawati T, Purwanti T, Hariyadi DM*, 2018. Study of Diabetic Mellitus and Knowledge of Lotion Foot Care on the Community, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance. 9(3) : 271-276.

  11. Tutiek Purwanti*, Dewi Melani H, Corry Silvia, 2018. Characterization and Release of Ibuprofen in Proniosome System (Ibuprofen-Span 60-Cholesterol), International Journal Of Drug Delivery Technology 8 (2) : 103 -106.

  12. Dewi M. Hariyadi*, Tutiek Purwanti, Safira Adilla, 2018, Influence of Crosslinker Concentration on The Characteristics of Erythropoietin-Alginate Microspheres, Journal of Pharmacy andPharmacognosyResearch,ISSN 07194250; 6(4),250-259.

  13. Tutiek Purwanti*, Widji Soeratri, Muhamad Zainudin, 2019. Characterization of Nisin Microspheres with Combination Matrix Sodium alginate – Gelatin, International Journal of Pharma Research and Health Sciences. 6 (6) : 2838 – 2843.

  14. Tristiana Erawati*, Dewi Melani Hariyadi, Noorma Rosita, Tutiek Purwanti, 2019. The Anti-inflammatory Activity of p-methoxycinnamic acid (PMCA) in the Nanostructured lipid carrier (NLC) system using combinations of solid lipid, beeswax-oleum cacao and liquid lipid, Virgin Coconut oil (VCO). Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology, 12(8) : 3619-3625.

  15. Tutiek Purwanti*, Ria Puspita, Tristiana Erawati ( 2019) Pengaruh Matriks Kombinasi Alginat:Gelatin (2%:1%) terhadap Karakteristik dan Aktivitas Antibakteri Mikrosfer Probiotik Lactobacillus acidophilus. Jurnal Farmasi dan Ilmu Kefarmasian Indonesia, Vol. 6 No. 1, Hal. 44-50. https://e-journal.unair.ac.id/JFIKI/article/view/13286/8054 



Dr. Tutiek Purwanti, MSi,, Apt.

E-mail  tutiek_purwanti@yahoo.com

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