Pharmacy/Drug Store


The Farmasi Airlangga Apothecary was inaugurated on 28 August 2008, situated on a university-owned piece of land with an area of 384 sq meters with a building area of 135 sq meters consisting of two floors. The funding for the construction was obtained from the university, the faculty, donations from the parents’ association, donations from the alumni of the faculty, as well as other contributing parties.

The drugstore was founded to enhance the ability of pharmacists graduationg from the Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Airlangga, particularly in professionalism. An apothecary, as a place of professional service for pharmacists, must be understood by would-be pharmacists since a great portion of them would be working in apothecaries. Therefore, an educational apothecary is needed as a place to educate future pharmacists so that graduates will be of high quality and be relevant in the working place.

The Airlangga Pharmacy Apothecary is the first educational apothecary in Indonesia. As such, it has the motto “no pharmacist no service”, meaning that when the apothecary is open there will always be a pharmacist responsible for pharmaceutical services. The first Managing Pharmacist was Drs. Suko Hardjoko, MS, Apt. and is currently succeeded with Yunita N S.Si.MPharm.Apt. Currently the apothecary employs 3 co-pharmacists, 1 assisting pharmacist, 2 prescription pharmacists, and 1 janitor.


The objectives of the educational apothecary are:

  1. As an educational facility for undergraduate students and future pharmacists to be exemplary figures other future pharmacists and pharmacists alike
  2. As a place for community service to provide valid and proper information and as a reference of information for pharmacists and other workers in the health sector
  3. As a place for research on Practical Pharmacy
  4. As a revenue-generating pharmaceutical service facility


  1. As a place to support the academic and traning activities for professional service of students in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga, as prospective pharmacists
  2. To enhance health services to the community in the field of pharmacy


  1. Apothecary services to health insurance participants
  2. Apothecary services to the general public
  3. General practice and dentist services
  4. Drug information services


  1. Prescription II
  2. Prescription III
  3. Community Pharmacy Internship
  4. Research place for lecturers and students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, UNAIR
  5. Apothecary Professional Internship for seniors of Pharmacist Professional Degree students
  6. Research place for other students in UNAIR
  7. Internship facility for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy and new pharmacists


Apotek Farmasi Airlangga 
Jl. Dhramawangsa No. 33 B Surabaya Telp. 031-5011858 
Open Hours : 08.00 - 21.30