Green Walk and Morning Exercise Attract People's Interest

On Sunday Morning, 16 September 2018, Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Airlangga held green walk and morning exercise event in order to celebrate the XI Lustrum. This event was held in front of Management Office of Universitas Airlangga in Campus C Unair, Mulyorejo, Surabaya. This event was joined by academic community of Faculty of Pharmacy Unair and public.

Senam Bersama

Tari Jatilan awali pemberangkatan jalan sehatThe agenda was started with morning exercise led by some instructors. The event was continued with main agenda which was green walk. Before it was started, the Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy,  Dr. Umi Athiyah, MS, Apt., delivered her greeting. On her speech, she greeted the leaders of the university, institutions, and faculties in UNAIR, and also to the alumni and the secretary of IKA UNAIR (pharmacy) - Mr. Suharno. She also explained the philosophy of Jatilan dance that escorted the green walk, which was to always look forward to something better and better. She uttered that the aim of this event as the part of the XI Lustrum of Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR were to introduce Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR to the local communities and asked for blessing since Faculty of Pharmacy would move to new building that was still on finishing phase. After the Dean finished delivering her speech, the green walk was departed and escorted with Jatilan dance. 

Pembagian Door Prize

After the green walk finished, the agenda was continued with door prize distribution. Several main prizes were such as rice cooker, blender, mountain bike, refrigerator, and television. These consolation and main prizes were won by students, local community, pensioner, and faculty staffs. Throughout the door prize distribution, the audiences were entertained with the performance of student band, electone, comittee offerings, and Sparkling Surabaya dance. 

Persembahan Panitia dan Pimpinan Penampilan Tari Sparkling Surabaya