Pharmacy Students Process Lablab Purpureus to be Instant Porridge as Diabetes Solution

Kelima mahasiswa Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Airlangga memamerkan produk bubur instan kacang komak. (Foto: Istimewa)

UNAIR NEWS – Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy Airlangga University attempt to harness the wealth of food in rural area. They are Erwin Chandra (2014), Ayari Ashari (2014), Evita Zuhrufi (2014), Nana Rizki (2014), and Andiena Elsafira (2015) succeeded in processing Lablab Purpureus into instant porridge.

Processed product of Lablab Purpureus was made into instant porridge packaging named “Bepair”. Bepair, stands for Beta Pancreas Repair, is their idea for the proposal of entrepreneurship student creativity program (PKM-K) in 2017.

PKM-K Proposal entitled “Bepair: Beta Pancreas Repair as Product Innovation of Nutraceutical of Lablab Purpureus /Polong Komak (Lablab Purpureus) in Preventive and Curative Efforts of Diabetes Militus” succeed get funding from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education to continue in National Student Scientific Week 30th.

Erwin, the coordinator of team, said that Lablab Purpureus found in its origin area Pasuruan. But, it has no added value so people rarely to harness it.

“In Pasuruan, there are many Lablab Purpureus but less in use. In fact, its efficacy has been tested preclinical to reduce cholesterol and diabetes, we only create and formulate it to make acceptable application in community through instant porridge, “said Erwin.

A healthy food “Bepair” product which was made by Erwin and the team use ingredients that have high fiber and low calories. In addition, there are also corn, oats, and additional flavor. According to him, these ingredients have a low glycemic index.

“We know almost 90 percent of diabetes disease occurs due to improper food consumption. Therefore, we create healthy food that can be consumed regularly by people. In addition to consume as food, Bepair products can also be used as a healthful remedy, “said Erwin.

Erwin and team provide four variant of taste, Vanilla, Stroberi, Banana and Hazelnut. The customer can choose their favorite. For the next, they plan to provide the other taste such as Rousong and Rendang to be more familiar taste for customers.

The consumers are easy to serve the Lablab Purpureus instant porridge. It just tears open the plastic lid and pours the porridge with boil water. It does not take long time, after those steps the seven-thousand rupiahs instant porridge ready to serve.


Product Durability

Although it is a new thing, the product which spent two million rupiahs for first production still remains to be anticipated product. In every production, they make 60 packages of products.

From the first production from March to the end of April, it been sold 240 packages. The consumers come from various areas of Indonesia such as Surabaya, Malang, Nganjuk and Kalimantan.

“Regarding testimony, most of them (consumers) did not know about  Kacang Komak (Lablab Purpureus) and just knew about its efficacy. Whereas, it grows in many areas and planted in farm,” Erwin said, a Pharmacy Student.

In the milenial era, they have idea to promote their product by networking and Directly marketing. Consumers can find the Bepair product on Social media such as Line and Instagram. In addition to those, they promote the product by war of mouth.

The consumers no need to worry about the safety of product; they have applied their knowledge and tested the product in laboratory to ensure the safety.

He admitted that he and team are very selective in choosing the main material. They choose the organic Lablab Purpureus from trusted farmers who as supplier to the producers.

In production process, they always maintain the product durability taste and hygiene. So far, this product last for a month since the production. From the hygiene aspect, in product processing, they used hygiene equipment based on manufacture standards, includes, gloves, masks and head cap.

Therefore, the consumers no need to worry for consuming this product every day.

“Bepair can nourish the pancreas, so it can keep diabetes away. Only seven thousand rupiahs, the consumers can eat a full yet healthy, “said Erwin.

Author: Defrina Sukma S

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