AUN Accredites the Faculty of Pharmacy

ASEAN University Network (AUN) is a cooperation between colleges of ASEAN member countries founded in November 1995. The AUN Secretariat is based at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. The purpose of ASEAN is to accelerate solidarity among member countries and develop a regional identity through the promotion of human resources development so that the network of foremost colleges throughout Southeast Asia become stronger.

The world is progressing towards globalization where mobilization of people from country to country has increased significantly. AUN was formed to facilitate ASEAN students who are intent to acquire experiences in international education. AUN offers many partnership programs, such as academic staff and student exchanges, scholarships, networking information, collaborative research, as well s study opportunities in universities across the region.

Presently, 26 universities have participated as members of AUN, four of which are Indonesian universities namely Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universtas Airlangga, and Universitas Airlangga. In 2011, Unversitas Airlangga gained the recognition as a member in the ASEAN University Network.

On 7-9 April 2015 Universitas Airlangga hosted a visit from 6 assessors of AUN. Their visit was conducted as a part of accreditation process toward the quality of programmes. The Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and the Faculty of Pharmacy are the three faculties to be assessed this year. “This is a good partnership. As many as 1,098 programmes in universities around ASEAN have been accredited by the AUN. Hopefully, UNAIR’s programmes will fare as well,”said a Representative of the AUN Secretariat, Dr. Choltis Dhirathition Tuesday (7/4/2015).

Prof. Dr. Marilou G. Nicolasfrom the Philippines and Dr. Kamolwan Leuprasertfrom Thailand were the two assessors visiting the Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR. The visit of the assessors were received by the Dean, Vice Deans, Heads of Programmes, and the heads and secretaries of the deartments. The two assessors assessors also met and discussed with the academic staff, administrative staff, representatives of students, alumni, and several employers. Accompanied by Dr. Choltis Dirathiti, the assessors toured the campus to inspect laboratories, the library, the lecturers’ office, classes, and other facilities.